About Us

The Devon Fudge Company is a family run business nestled in the foothills of Dartmoor in Devon making, deliciously smooth and creamy fudge.

The secret traditional recipe dates back to 1930.

The original recipe was developed way before the 2nd World War and we are not sure whether the inventor himself was taught the recipe by a previous confectioner.

The company and secret recipe became extremely popular and as the fudge and eventually the quality of the product allowed the company to continue to grow. My father went into partnership in the 1970’s, and even as a young boy I was involved in the pride and process involved in the fudge making.

I started working full time for my father and his partner, in the early 1980’s. I have always loved the delicious recipe and even then as a young man was proud to be cooking and selling the product all across the West Country. Unfortunately my father and his partner passed away as relatively young men and for a while I spent time in a different occupation.

I realised that over time the West Country lacked a quality creamy fudge cooked in the traditional methods. I set about the process of developing Cottage Confectionery having never forgotten the wonderful recipe. I am extremely proud to see how well the fudge is being received by businesses and the public with comments of ‘at last, a decent west country fudge’ and the company is growing from strength to strength.

How Is The Fudge Made?

The fudge is handmade in a copper kettle. Each batch takes an hour to cook and is lovingly stirred continuously with an extremely large wooden spoon! The temperature and cooling process is essential to the scrumptious creamy product, and all our fudges are cut and packed by hand.

We pride ourselves on only using top quality natural ingredients. For instance our delicious chocolate fudge contains Belgium chocolate and tastes ‘just like a chocolate brownie’. The rum and raisin fudge is flavoured with Jamaican Rum and our Christmas Pudding has a generous splash of brandy, and our customers are constantly saying ‘Wow it tastes just like Christmas Pudding!’

We are very proud that our fudges only use natural ingredients, local butter and of course local clotted cream.

All fudge flavours are free from:-

  • Palm oil
  • Artificial additives and preservatives
  • Gluten

Whilst still staying fresh for six months. (unless open and tasted, when it usually lasts for less than five minutes!)

The True Taste of Devonshire

Situated in, and delivering to all of Devonshire, we at The Devon Fudge Company understandably love the area we're in. Famous for its quality fudge; we hope that we can add to the rich tastes that the people here so passionately enjoy.

Whether you are buying for a special occasion – or just an indulgent treat, we hope that you love our delicious fudge as much as we do.