Yes, so it's only June, but it's never too early to start thinking about Christmas, right? Well at least we don't think so. Just like pigs and blankets, mince pies and Christmas Pudding Fudge, we don't think something so nice should be saved for only one month of the year to enjoy. It's music to our ears when we hear people proclaim 'wow, that taste's just like the real thing' when they're trying our Christmas Pudding fudge, it's more seasonal, spicier than our rum & raisin fudge and it's totally delicious for an after dinner treat or snack. In case you need persuading, here's 6 reasons why you simply need to try our Christmas Pudding Fudge!

#1. It Tastes Just Like Christmas Pudding

The idea is that our fudge really does taste like Christmas Pudding! It's packed with all the festive flavours you'd expect to see from a luxury Christmas pud including a mix of dried fruit, spices, a dash of brandy, cranberries and even lemon zest. It's certainly a fragrant, spicy and delicious after dinner treat, perfect as a snack, replacement for a dessert or even after you've indulged in a double helping of Christmas pudding.

#2. It makes the perfect gift

There's no denying that fudge makes the perfect gift and even more so with our Christmas Pudding Fudge. It's something a little bit different that you can't find on the high street and a must have buy for anyone that you know is a Christmas pudding lover and longs after its taste throughout the whole year. Our Christmas pudding fudge is available in 5 different packaging options so you can really tailor the present to the person you're buying for. Choose from standard wrapping to our Hessian Deluxe bag for the ultimate wow factor!

#3. A little goes a long way

It's not like a box of chocolates, when you realise you're almost half way through and it's not even touching the sides, whilst our fudge is deliciously morish a little bit really does go a long way. This makes it the perfect after dinner treat for a dinner party, Birthday or just as a little treat. One square cube of our fudge will do just the job, but we don't blame you if you end up reaching in for more either!

#4. It's the true essence of Christmas

What scents, flavours and food reminds you of Christmas? Spices, mulled wine, Christmas pudding, sweet treats - we try to combine all the favourite festive elements together for our Christmas Pudding fudge for that really nostalgic feeling that perfectly captures the true essence of Christmas. One bite is all it takes and we promise it will transport you back to all those good times!

#5. It's Homemade AND Gluten Free

As always, all of our Devon fudge is handmade, gluten free and free from palm oil and preservatives. All of our fudge is made from scratch to ensure it's the freshest produce when it arrives to your door. If you want to know a little bit more about our fudge making process be sure to check out our How Our Fudge Is Made blog post for all the behind the scenes info!

#6. It's Available All Year

Our Christmas Pudding Fudge isn't just for Christmas! You can enjoy the great, seasonal taste all year long. We're firm believers that too much of something good definitely isn't a bad thing! It can be purchased online all year round or at a variety of food markets that we host across the UK throughout the year. There really is no excuse not to try some!

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Post By Nicole Sage