what is the mayflower 400

There's no doubt that over the last couple of years you've heard 'Mayflower 400' bandied around a lot. If you're sat there still wondering what it is, it's kind of a big deal for Britain's Ocean City. An anniversary rife of history that is really worth shouting about and celebrating!

Originally set for 2020, due to COVID-19 the celebrations were delayed to 2021 and are all starting to kick off across Plymouth now.

What Is The Mayflower 400?

The Mayflower 400 marks the 400th anniversary year of the Mayflower ship’s sailing from England to America and its often challenging legacy. Celebrations were due to start in 2020 but have been somewhat postponed to 2021 due to COVID-19.

The commemoration is an honest, broad and inclusive celebration of times gone by.

For the first time, audiences across the globe will be taken far beyond the story of the ‘Pilgrim Fathers’ and the one dimensional version of the Mayflower voyage. It will examine the history from multiple angles, explore the experiences of those impacted and tell of the ruthless consequences of colonisation.

This anniversary year will face up to these difficult truths and tell stories of persecution, loss and oppression as well as exploring the themes of migration, humanity and freedom that underpin its place in history.

The anniversary celebrations being held will be informed by the past, with the anniversary hoping to inspire the future.

There are many events taking place throughout the rest of the year with talks, exhibitions and shows to commemorate the Mayflower 400. It's set to be a fantastic rest of the year in celebrating this iconic event that has shaped Plymouth for a lifetime.

Mayflower 400 Fudge

mayflower 400 fudge

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