Creamy, indulgent and totally delicious, making our fudge requires attention to detail, a lot of love and tasting is a must, well someone has to do it! The Devon Fudge Company is a family run business which dates back to 1930, over the years the recipe has been passed down the generations as well as the art of fudge making which really seals the deal in creating that creamy fudge that the West Country and beyond have grown to love. We thought we'd all give you a small insight into the business, and fill you in on how our fudge is made, who knows you might even want to give it a go! We'd love to let you in on our recipe too, but it's a secret recipe dating back to 1930 that is top secret...

How Our Fudge Is Made

So where do we start? The beginning of the fudge process would be good! All of our fudge is made in a copper kettle, using the traditional method that was used by previous generations, this is one of the elements that helps us to achieve deliciously smooth and creamy fudge each and every time. Once the ingredients are in the copper kettle,  each batch takes about an hour to cook, this involves lovingly stirring the ingredients until the fudge is at the optimum temperature. Once this has been reached, we take the fudge off the heat and it is poured into trays. We then leave the fudge to cool in the trays for 24 hours.

Then the fun bit starts. Once it has been left to cool for 24 hours, it is taken out of the trays and cut by hand into cubes or slabs, depending on the order. This is then dried for another 24 hours before it is ready for packaging!

All of our fudge is cooked to order so you can ensure that your order of fudge is as fresh and creamy as the day it was made! Our fudge will then stay fresh for six months, unless the bag has been opened. But let's be honest, more times than not the bag of fudge is gone in less than a few minutes!

Fudge Flavours

We have a lot of new and exciting fudge flavour developments in progress at the moment that we know you're going to love. As always, our fudge will continue to be gluten free and free from palm oil, trans fats and artificial additives and preservatives. We only use natural ingredients, local butter and of course local clotted cream to help create that creamy texture that leaves you wanting more. In the meantime you can enjoy one of the following flavours from us:

Feeling hungry yet? If you don't feel like making your own fudge from scratch check our our full range of Fudge Flavours to discover the real taste of Devonshire, creamy fudge! Catch us over on Facebook, Twitter, Google + & Instagram for our latest news, lots of delicious fudge and some competitions too!

Post By Nicole Sage