Congratulations, you're getting married! By now you've probably already drafted a list as long as your arm with ideas for your wedding and everything else that is an essential for your big day. Those hours spent are Pinterest are finally paying off, and it's time to turn your attention to the small, yet fun details of dressing your tables for the wedding. With SO many ideas on Pinterest, in magazines and on social media, how on earth do you begin to decide what wedding table favours you're going to choose? Whilst you try to take everyone's perspective and dietary habits into consideration, the one sweet thing that promises to be loved by all ages is fudge. It's simple, it's creamy, will get the guests talking and it can be dressed on the table however you want. Tempted? In case you need a little persuasion for our fudge to grace your tables on your big day, here are 10 reasons why our fudge is perfect for wedding favours!

#1. Handmade

Our fudge is lovingly handmade in Devon, using a secret recipe which dates back to 1930. This gives our fudge that authentic touch, which delivers a taste that will leave all your guests wanting more!

#2. It's Gluten Free

All of our handmade fudge is gluten free, this makes it perfect for those who have a gluten intolerance, and it means that all of your guests can enjoy a little sweet treat after their meal! It's palm oil and preservative free too!

#3. Plenty of Flavours

Available in a core selection of flavours, you can mix and match what flavoured fudge you want for your wedding. Ranging from the classic and much loved Madagascan Vanilla Fudge to a seasonal favourite Christmas Pudding Fudge. There's sure to be a flavour that you can identify with for your wedding, we can also make bespoke flavours upon request. That really will make it a wedding to remember!

#4. It Can Be Personalised

Who doesn't love a personalised item, food or accessory? It allows those wedding memories to be cherished for a lifetime. At The Devon Fudge Company we can personalise your fudge favours however you would like, with names, dates and even pictures of the happy couple.

#5. Match Your Wedding Colour Theme

Colour co-ordinate your fudge favours with your wedding by picking a coloured ribbon to match your wedding theme right down to the very last detail! Whatever your colour or choice, we will be able to source the closest match for you!

#6. It's Delicious

Did we mention that our fudge really is deliciously creamy and morish? We promise your guests will be left wanting more after having a taste. But don't just take our word for it, take a look at our outstanding feedback from our customer's on our Facebook page!

#7. You Can Buy It On It's Own

We are very flexible with our fudge wedding favours and will provide it to you however you want. You don't have to opt for bags or ribbons if you already have your own packaging in mind, you can simply order the X amount of fudge from us that you require and you can then distribute this within your selected packaging.

#8. It's Small

After a heavy meal, the last thing you want to do is drown your guests with more rich food. Fudge squares are small, this makes them the perfect size for a wedding favour and you only need a tiny taste to feel satisfied.

#9. Fudge Is Nostalgic

With memories of eating fudge at your grandparents to getting a fudge slab at the seaside, fudge is wonderfully nostalgic - bringing back happy memories for the newlyweds and their guests. There's no denying that fudge is a treat that can be enjoyed at all occasions, from Christmas and Birthday's to Engagements!

#10. Fudge Is Neat

Our fudge won't crumble or break apart like other fudge can and like chocolate does, neither does it melt. Expertly cut into fudge cubes, they're neat and fit perfectly into boxes or your chosen packaging. No fuss and no nonsense wedding favours that are utterly delicious.

Fudge is also perfect for all types of themed weddings, from barn weddings to your more traditional church wedding. Promising to be enjoyed by all guests, fudge really is the most perfect and easily adaptable favour for your wedding! Catch us over on Facebook, Twitter, Google + & Instagram for our latest news, lots of delicious fudge and some competitions too!

Post By Nicole Sage