chocolate bark recipe

If you didn't already know the Bake Off makes its return on Tuesday night! Last year it became a tradition that we would bake something different (always a sweet treat) every Tuesday night ready to indulge with during the bake off.

This chocolate fudge bark recipe is one that went down a hit with everyone on social media last year, it's so incredibly easy to make and it's truly indulgent! It also makes for wonderful, homemade gift ideas during Christmas. Simply make the bark, break up into chunks and tie together with a ribbon in a cellophane bag.

Anyway, if we haven't persuaded you enough just yet, keep reading!


(Note: you can use whatever chocolate you like, combining different flavours helps to create that marbled effect.)


  1. Melt dark, white & milk chocolate in separate bowls. 

2. Line a tray, pour in one of the flavours to make the base layer and then drizzle in the other flavours. Stir or use a cocktail stick to make a marbled effect.

3, Cut up some chunks of your fave Devon fudge and place on top of the bark.

4. Refrigerate for up to 2 hours. Break the bark up into chunks, or eat the whole slab for easy consumption.

It really is that simple to make this chocolate bark recipe, perfect for adults and kids alike to get involved with. Do tag us in your photos on social media if you give it a go, we'd love to see!

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Post By Nicole