It's got to that point in January where the Christmas indulgence is a thing of the past and all those new years resolutions are starting to wane. Whilst we're rooting for you all on your post Christmas diets, we're firm believers in a balanced diet and that one little treat a week is the best way to keep you going.  Health and happiness go hand in hand, and it's about finding a healthy balance that works for you. So if you fancy that piece of fudge or a square of chocolate, you go for it!

To give you something to look forward to we've whipped up some delicious vanilla fudgey flapjacks to share with you all. The best bit? It's super easy! It will only take about 10 minutes to prepare, and within 20 minutes time you'll be indulging in the sweet, buttery goodness of these naughty, but super nice flapjacks! Tempted? Here's how to do it!

Serves 9.


75g / 3oz butter or margarine

30ml / 2tbsp golden syrup

75g / 3oz light brown sugar

150g / 5oz porridge oats

25g / 1oz plain flour

8 cubes Madagascan Vanilla Fudge (reserve 3 cubes chopped for the top)

4 squares of dark chocolate


  1. Gather all of the above ingredients and put the syrup, butter and sugar into a bowl. Heat this in the microwave for 2 minutes until melted. Alternatively, melt the ingredients over a simmering pan until silky.
  2. Mix the porridge oats into the melted mixture, then sieve in the flour - this helps to bind the mixture and stop the flapjacks from being crumbly once cooked.
  3. Get 6 cubes of fudge and chop these into little chunks, you can be as generous as you want with these! Once done stir the chunks evenly into the mixture.
  4. Line a square baking tray with some baking parchment and pour the mixture in. Ensure that the mixture is evenly distributed and reaches the corners of the tray.
  5. Preheat your oven to 180 degrees in a fan oven and bake the flapjacks for around 15-20 minutes until golden brown. If you leave flapjacks for a little too long they'll be too hard to eat, the cooking duration is key to getting that soft flapjack bake.
  6. Once cooked, leave these to cool for 20 minutes. Then take the dark chocolate (or any chocolate you fancy) and melt it in a microwave for a minute or over a simmering pan.
  7. Once melted, simply drizzle the chocolate over the flapjacks or you can completely cover them in chocolate if you're looking for a really indulgent treat!
  8. To finish off these delicious fudgey flapjacks, finely chop the remaining 3 cubes of fudge and distribute across the tops evenly.
  9. They're then ready to be indulged!! If you happen to have any leftover flapjacks (which we highly doubt!) store them in a box in a dry cupboard or freeze in the freezer for use at a later date!


Let us know if you give these a try, we'd love to hear your thoughts and see your pictures! Ps. you can use whatever flavour of fudge you would like to, not sure which one to go for? Have a look at our full range of flavours for some inspiration! Catch us over on Facebook, Twitter, Google + & Instagram for our latest news, lots of delicious fudge and some competitions too!

Post By Nicole Sage